Company services

Instalation of skylights, domes and light bands

SARMAT s.r.o. specializes in installation of daylight systems: domes, light bands, and the systems of smoke removal and heat removal, in case of fire, removing smoke, heat and toxic gases from the premises, suitable for use in large industrial facilities, industrial premises, airports, logistics and offices buildings, shopping centers, as well as in houses and cottages. Functionality of daylight systems consists in optimal carrying of natural light into the inner space of buildings. Equipped systems with the operated hatches at the same time serve as devices of natural ventilation of rooms.

Our company implements the installation of daylight systems, wherever it is necessary reliably provide smoke and heat removal, including installation of smoke control and heat removal systems, forced fire ventilation systems, as well as ventilation and sun protection systems.

Our company carries out installation of all types of daylights, domes and strips light systems, installation and maintenance of ventilation and control systems.

At the customer request, we execute dismantling and replacement of old skylights, domes and strips lights.

For many years we have been cooperating with the largest leading manufacturers of daylight systems, smoke and heat removal systems. During our work, we have completed many orders throughout Europe.

We provide you professional advice on matters you are interested.